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The fruit farm opened for the 2015 season.


Mason Beach Fruit Farm

Hacks Neck, Virginia

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Asian Pears In Bloom

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Pick-Your-Own ONLY for Blueberries


Message to our customers (7/30/15)


Note: The blueberries still look great for picking this week (Thursday to Saturday).  Many more have ripened.  Picked Redhaven peaches will be available for sale at the farm office.  Also, we have a large amount of picked Early Mac apples on sale for $0.50 per pound in the morning.  We may have some regular McIntosh apples for sale at regular price on Saturday.


The farm gate will be closed about 4:30 PM but those who arrived earlier can complete their blueberry picking.


We thank all who came to our Mason Beach Fruit Farm (MBFF) during the past season.  We hope that you had an enjoyable experience.  For 2015, the farm was opened on Thursday, July 9 for blueberry picking using our you-pick/honor system procedure.  The farm is open Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and closed Sunday through Wednesday.  As explained below, all other fruit is closed to you-pick.  We will pick ripe fruit and make it available for sale at the farm office.


The good news is that the blueberry crop looks promising (see photos below).  There should be good crops of Japanese plums, peaches and apples (see additional photos below).  We will have Shiro plums, Early Elberta and Redhaven peaches and Early Mac apples (limited amount) while they last.


Ripening Blueberries (Now)

Blueberries To Ripen (Soon)

Shiro Plums (Sold Out)

Methley Plums (Sold Out)

Redhaven Peaches (Now)

Early Mac Apples (Now)



The not-so-good news is we will no longer offer blackberries and apricots for sale.  The pear crop is in question because of a fire blight problem, and at this time will probably not be offered for sale. 


Again, the farm will be open from Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We will be closed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   The closing time on Saturday may be earlier than 5:00 PM depending on fruit supply and family visits.


This year will be the eighteen season that the farm has been operated by us.  As indicated, there will be changes in the way that we have operated. These changes are to reduce our collective workload, and minimize problems with tree damage and stop fruit loss from those that avert the you-pick and honor system operation.  Therefore, there will no longer be you-pick with respect to large fruit such as peaches, apples, pears, etc.  With few exceptions, we will pick the large fruit, and have it available at the farm office for sale.  The schedule for having picked fruit at the farm office is to be decided.  Please continue to look for updates on this web site.


Pruning of the fruit trees and blueberries are now complete.  Selective spraying to control weeds, plant disease and pests is in progress.  We acknowledge help from neighbors, especially Don who jumped in to help with cutting grass and clearing out the blueberries. Don and Laura have also assisted with spring pruning and fruit harvesting.


If you have any questions or comments, please call (757-442-7287) or email <>.



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